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  • Bad Credit

Get immediate cash assistance in as fast as 15 minutes. Apply for an unsecured loan even with bad credit. Borrow up to £25,000.


  • N Instant Decision
  • N 60-Second Application Form
  • N From £1,000 to £25,000
  • N Rates from 5.7% APR to 278% APR*
  • N 3-36 month repayment


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  • N Rates From 278% APR - 1576% APR*
  • N 3-12 month repayment

Stay on top of your finances by getting cash assistance that you need, whenever you need it. Find the best loans with the lowest interest rates and fast approval process.

Got Bad Credit?

Afraid to take a loan because of your bad credit? Don’t be. Our services allow you to connect with responsible lenders who could provide you low-interest rate deals and with no credit check. That’s right! We find you the best deals that you can afford.

Why Unsecured Loan?

For any reason that you end up with no funds, unsecured loans can be your next best friend. One of the best things about applying for an unsecured loan is that it requires no collateral. The application process is relatively fast and convenient. Unlike secured business loans, the borrower will have to pledge assets and have to go through complicated application process. If you’re looking for an immediate emergency fund, this is it.

What Options Do I Have?

If you’re going with an unsecured loan, you have plenty of options to choose from. There’s the payday loan, credit card, personal, short-term, guarantor loan, and plenty others.
Choosing the right loan may be quite confusing. It is best that you weigh your options before you proceed with the loan. If you don’t know which to choose, you may speak to our lenders to help you find the best deals you can afford.

How Do I Apply

Here’s the easy part. To get started, all you need to do is to apply for an easy online loan. Click the “Apply Now” button and fill up a form. It can be completed in less than two minutes. Once done, you just have to sit back, relax, and wait for your approval. That’s it! Check the video below to learn more.

Fast and Convenient

There’s no need to wait for days to get approved. You can have the result of your application in as fast as 15 minutes. And it gets better. Once approved, you can immediately cash out directly from your checking account.

Credit Problems?

If you’re worried that your application will get rejected due to your poor credit, you don’t have to. Our lenders provide cash assistance that requires no credit checks. Just pay on time to prevent additional fees and charges.

Secured Process

Our platform ensures your information stays secure at all times. Using advanced security algorithms and up-to-date encryption standards, well keep your data safe from prying eyes.

ALL Credit Histories Considered- Unsecured Finance In The UK

Dealing with financial crisis can be difficult. And if you have bad credit, your credit options are limited.
Our services ensure you have a place to go. We connect you with some of the most trusted lenders who could provide you with the best loan deals you can afford. Your credit will not be a problem. As long as you can pay the loan without delays, you are eligible to apply for the loan. And the best part, our services are completely free-of-charge.

What Is An Unsecured Finance?

If you don’t have any asset to pledge as a security deposit, the best option for you would be an unsecured loan. Unsecured loans are types of loans that require no collateral. The application process is also relatively convenient and fast. The lender will use the borrower’s credit as a supporting information for the terms of the loan. However, having bad credit doesn’t disqualify you from applying.

How Does It Work?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get started. It is so easy, you can have it done in as fast as 15 minutes. From start to finish.

All you’ve got to do is to click the “Apply Now” button and fill up an online form. Complete the form and send it back for review. The review process could take a couple of minutes up to an hour. You don’t even have to wait a full day to know the results.

Once you’re approved, the money is sent directly to your checking account within minutes.

Must I Have A Guarantor

In most cases, lenders would require a guarantor if your credit is low. Borrowers with poor credit may apply for a guarantor loan. This provides additional security for the lenders. This ensures the debt will be paid even if the borrower defaults on the loan. However, if you got good credit, a guarantor is no longer necessary.

What Is In It For Us?

Say you’re planning to have a baby or you’re in a situation where you need quick emergency funds. Our services completely shine out by providing you the funds you need, the moment you needed it.

You don’t have to drive all the way to the bank, beat traffic, and hope you’re not too late before the bank closes. Anytime, anywhere, you can apply for a loan that guarantees fast approval. Not to mention, it is completely free.

Does It Require Complicated Documents?

If you’re applying for an unsecured loan, there’s no need for you to go through a complicated process. Since there will be no collateral required, there’s no need for you to provide unnecessary documents. Thus, simplifying your application. All you need to provide is proof of income or an employment verification to qualify for the loan.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid Out?

The application process does not take a day to complete. From start to finish, it would only take you about two minutes to an hour. Any time of the day, you can apply for the loan without leaving the comfort of your homes. Once approved, the money is sent immediately to your checking account within minutes. No more falling in long lines and beating out traffic. All you need to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for the funds to be transferred.

What Products Can You Help Me With?

There’s plenty of options that you can choose. Our lenders provide a wide list of loan options that offer low-interest rates and fast approval times.

If you don’t know which option to choose, talk to our lenders to help you decide.

After you have selected the loan type you would apply for, click the “Apply Now” button to get started.

What Happens If Lie On My Application?

It is highly advised that you provide the most accurate and truthful information on your application. Lying on your loan application could result in serious consequences. Once a lie is caught, the lender may take away your loan privileges or completely void the loan agreement. Worse, you might end up in some concrete cell for falsifying documents.

What Happens If I Miss Payments?

While some lenders can be lenient on the first or second months of your loan. However, repeatedly missing your payment could severely affect your credit score. Not to mention, the additional fees and charges you will be facing. It’s an unnecessary burden that you’ll have to bear.

If you find yourself struggling to pay your monthly dues, you can consolidate your monthly payment or talk to our lenders to help you find better credit options.